Sunday, 13 February 2011

Completing the set

A domestic equivalent of a perfect storm hit my already sporadic blogging and theatre-going last year. Kids' A levels, University applications and departures, followed swiftly by a change of job meant that not only did I not go to the theatre as much, but I wasn’t able to form even semi-coherent thoughts about it.

But I’m back now, and to assuage my completist tendencies I will start with a twitteresque run through of my favourite events of the last 10 months or so

Danton’s Death

Entertaining run through the French Revolution, although Toby Stephens was a bit too ‘Flashheart’ for my liking. Stonking guillotine ending.

La Bete

Mark Rylance appropriately and outrageously stole the show, while David Hyde Pierce balanced him out brilliantly. Great acting which outshone the play.

Tim Minchin and Orchestra at the O2

Fantastic playing with rockstar clich├ęs and some brilliant new songs. I wanted more of the rude and rackety older stuff though.


Rory Kinnear as a very believable, studenty prince with excellent verse speaking. This remains my favourite play *ever*. Ophelia is still a rubbish part though.

Death Trap

A New Years eve treat with Simon Russell Beale. We jumped in all the right places, and laughed throughout. Loved it!

Seasons Greetings

Catherine Tate suitably luscious, making the most of the Abigail’s party overtones, while Mark Gatiss was all witty pathos. And what a treat to find Oli Chris as the male totty!

Treats I am already looking forward to during 2011 are Tennant and Tate in Much Ado , the dream team of Ben Goldacre, Robin Ince, Prof Brian Cox and friends being grumpy about irrationality and excited about science, hopefully followed by some more visits to The Globe, sadly neglected last year.